Thursday, February 27, 2014

WorkCamp 2014

It's that time of year again. Robert and Justin are working hard to prepare for yet another WorkCamp mission trip. In case you don't remember, WorkCamp is a teen mission trip through which our young people help less fortunate communities in the area improve their living arrangements, and learn the joy of community service in the process, which is good for America!
They repair roofs, build wheelchair ramps, repair drywall, etc. for impoverished members of the community who can't afford to help themselves. This is Robert's fourth year and Justin's second year participating in WorkCamp, and it is always amazing and touching to hear the stories they come home with of the gratitude the resident's have for the little help the WorkCampers can offer them.
One of their resident's even sent them a Christmas Card this past Christmas, again thanking them for their help! And the boys are always humbled by the thankfulness of the residents, and come home much more appreciative of their own living arrangements ;-)

It costs money to go to WorkCamp. The WorkCampers have to be fed and sheltered for a week. Often the communities in which they're working are some distance from Fredericksburg and so rental cars and gas have to be paid for. Not to mention the building supplies that are needed to make the repairs and renovations of which the residents' homes are so much in need. Together the boys need to raise $900 to go to WorkCamp, and every little bit helps.
Last year they didn't quite make their goal and so they emptied their own banks in order to make up the difference of $400. They're still recovering from the blow this was to their own finances. But WorkCamp is that important to them. Would you please consider sending a few dollars to help this worthwhile cause?


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